Andrew Dudley – Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (APRN)

Andrew Dudley is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner that works in our space and often provides medication management to our clients. He believes that mental health treatment begins with good listening and collaborative care. He works with people to provide personalized care plans that helps client’s return to and maintain their wellness state.

In assessment, it is important for Andrew to be very intentional about targeting a restorative approach, rather than symptom-based treatment only. He views mental health care through many lenses, often all important in bringing harmony to a disintegrated system. He strives to serve in a way that leaves no person feeling like a number in a system but seen as an individual with goals and potential. This is how integrative mental health care begins.

Andrew also works closely with clients of Trauma Therapy of Nashville engaging in Ketamine Assisted Therapy.  

Visit Andrew’s website to learn more about his offerings and to request an appointment.

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