Group Ketamine Assisted Therapy

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We are excited to be offering Group Ketamine Assisted Therapy as an option to those who have engaged in this modality and are looking to maintain momentum in their healing journey. While group Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT) is not a replacement for individual KAT, it is a different modality with its own unique benefits. All group members will need to be connected to another mental health resource (ex: therapist, psychiatrist, coach, group therapy etc) and have prior experience working with KAT.

We heal in connection and community. Those dealing with mental illness often find themselves in isolation and struggle to maintain connections and relationships. These small-group sessions foster a sense of community and connection and are intended for those with experience in KAT. Participants must receive a medical evaluation from in advance if they have not had a medical screening within the past 3 months. Group KAT can be an opportunity to heal in community, while also moving towards goals in their individual therapy work. 

Financial barriers are a major concern in gaining access to quality mental health care. KAT Groups aim to increase access and affordability to those seeking this treatment where finances are an obstacle.


Melanie Reese, LMFT, CCTP

Melanie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with a private practice in Nashville, TN where she offers trauma therapy intensives, ketamine assisted therapy and works with clients to prepare for and integrate psychedelic experiences.

Medical Providers

Melanie collaborates with local providers that conduct all medical screenings, administer medications and provide medical monitoring during each dosing session.

Group Size & Costs

Group Size

Each group must have a minimum of 4 participants and will be capped at 6 participants. 


These 2.5 hour dosing sessions are priced at $400. Prep and integration are not included in these sessions. It is highly recommended that you plan to prepare and integrate with your primary therapist, in our Group Preparation & Integration Sessions or schedule an individual session with one of our skilled therapists.

If you have out of network benefits, you may be able to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. However, we cannot guarantee reimbursement and payment will still be expected even if you are not reimbursed. Payment of the total cost of the group is expected regardless of attendance.


What if I have a bad experience? 
While we cannot guarantee what sort of experience you will have during the ketamine session, some people do have challenging experiences. We will be present to support you through the dosing session. Even though the experience may be challenging, it may also bring to light important issues to address during integration. 

Am I required to be in therapy for this experience? 
Kind of….We require that all participants be connected with some mental health resources that they can access for support during and after the completion of the group. This can include an individual therapist, group therapy, psychiatrist, coach, etc. since after the group, we will not be able to provide ongoing clinical support. We will offer referral resources for people who are interested in additional treatment or need to be connected to a therapist for individual work.

Am I required to have experience with Ketamine in a therapeutic setting for this experience? 
Yes! This group is created specially for those with KAT experience and wish to do “maintenance work”.

What kinds of indications would make this group a good fit for me?
You might be a fit for the group if you have been working through depression, anxiety, addiction, anxiety, PTSD and other clinical diagnoses with the successful use of Ketamine Assisted Therapy and would like to do maintenance sessions in a group setting. Some people may require a higher level of care, and during the initial assessment interview, we will determine whether we are able to accommodate your specific needs in the group.

What counter-indications would make this group NOT a good fit for me?
This list is not intended to be used to make medical decisions and is for informational purposes only. It was constructed using data whenever possible, although extrapolation from known information was also used to inform risk. Any medical decision and/or use psychedelic medicine should be made in conjunction with your healthcare provider(s).

Medical/Psychiatric Contraindications to KAP

  • Pregnancy/nursing mothers
  • Untreated high blood pressure, other cardiac diseases needing treatment such as atrial fibrillation or congestive heart failure
  • Untreated hyperthyroid disorders
  • Clinically significant substance use: active cocaine use, acute alcoholism
  • Active mania
  • Active psychosis
  • Glaucoma or recent eye surgery
  • Brain tumor, swelling, injury
  • Inability to consent to treatment
  • Significant liver disease
  • Significant kidney disease
  • Difficult airway (from a previous experience, or sleep apnea, or anatomic risk factors)

Medical/Psychiatric Relative Contraindications to KAP

  • Current daily use of benzodiazepines: reduces effectiveness of KAP. The medical team can work with the client to taper from benzodiazepines in a medically supervised way. 
  • Current heavy daily use of alcohol (with risk of withdrawal). Ketamine can be used in alcohol withdrawal, but for the purposes of this facilitated exam, we would advise a longer appointment for the client to discuss additional options. 
  • Cautions with these medications:
    • Lamotrigine: 6 hours since last dose and wait 6 hours until next dose
    • Gabapentin

*Having a condition listed here does not automatically disqualify you from KAP, rather an indication that it be further discussed with your healthcare provider(s). 

Next Steps

If you are interested in joining the next group, please contact us at The first step will be to schedule a consult to determine preliminary eligibility. 

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