Movement & Embodiment Practices for Mental Health

somatic trauma therapy

This will be an 8-Week Movement and Embodiment Group that prioritizes the safety and well-being of individuals who are healing and integrating different aspects of their mental health. This group will be led by Kelsie Patton, LCSW. Kelsie creates spaces where participants can feel held, valued and in control of their own experience.

The group focuses on gentle and mindful movements, breathing techniques, and guided reflection to help individuals reconnect with their bodies, regulate their nervous system, and cultivate a sense of grounding and relaxation. It is designed to support mental health by promoting self-awareness, self-care, and the healing of emotional wounds.

This 8-week Group will have a different theme each week and include a 40 minute sequence with 35 minute processing/reflection.

  • May 28th: Anxiety and Understanding the Nervous System 
  • June 4th: Our Bodies Weren’t Made for Capitalism  
  • June 11th: How People Pleasing Affects the Body  
  • June 25th: Navigating Nashville as a Queer Person! (Pride Week) 
  • July 9th: Holding Yourself Through Grief (Grief as a Practice)
  • July 16th: Build Yourself Up (Perception of Self and Esteem Building)
  • July 23rd: Release from Religion (High Control Environments)
  • August 6th: Healing from Heartbreak    

When: May 28th – August 6th
Where: Trauma Therapy of Nashville (1305 16th Ave South)
Cost: $35 per session (there are 2 spaces available for a “Pay What You Can” rate. Please inquire when you register for the group.
Led By: Kelsie Patton, LCSW
Registration: Email

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