Embodiment and Meditation Group

This group will be offered on a continuous basis each quarter.  It will become a “Closed Group” after the 2nd week to create connection and cohesiveness.

Those interested after registration has closed will be able to register for the next group being offered. Groups typically will run for 10 weeks.

Embodiment and Meditation Group

Group Information

  • Where: Trauma Therapy of Nashville
  • When: Currently Enrolling
  • Register with admin@traumatherapynashville.com 
  • Registration for the April-June group will close following the second meeting; after that, registration will become available for the July-Sept group.
  • Led by Sara Combos, LPC-MHSP (Temp)

What to Expect

  • Embodiment exercises to gain access to patterns that keep us stuck
  • Tools for calming the nervous system and creating a felt sense of connection
  • Exploration of emotions, thoughts, and stagnation within the body

What you will gain from this group

  • A deepened relationship with the body-mind and the world around us
  • Support and opportunity for connection with like-minded individuals
  • An accessible embodiment and meditation practice to continue in the future


  • Curious about embodiment and meditation practices
  • Desiring to practice within community
  • Feeling resistance towards emotions and daily life
  • Seeking to increase self-trust, a sense of safety, and access to inner wisdom

Note: Groups are a great way to get support and learn from others. It is not a replacement for therapy. If you need the support of a therapist, please reach out so we can get you connected! 

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