Women’s Connection & Support Group

women's connection support group

This group will be offered on a continuous basis each quarter.  It will become a “Closed Group” after the 2nd week to create connection and cohesiveness.

Those interested after registration has closed will be able to register for the next group being offered. Groups typically will run for 10 weeks.

Group Information: 

  • Where: Trauma Therapy of Nashville
  • When: Thursdays, 5-6pm beginning the week of January 10th
  • $30 per person, per week
  • For everyone’s safety and comfort, participants will be asked to provide proof of vaccination or have a willingness to wear masks.
  • Register by emailing our Client Care Coordinator, Jenna Currie at admin@traumatherapynashville.com 
  • Registration for the January-March group will close following the second meeting the week of January 18th; after that, registration will become available for the April-June group.
  • Led by Sarah Fisher TLMFT

What to Expect

Human beings are wired for connection with others; we want to be seen, heard, known, and valued. Healing happens through connection! The past two years have made finding, building, and maintaining connection more difficult than ever and more needed than ever. This group will provide a supportive space for women seeking friendly connections and to explore what it means to be connected in 2022.

The group will explore and share things such as:

  • Who you are and what is important to you 
  • What connection means to you and how you feel connected to others
  • Exploration of and support for emotions, stressors, and coping skills
  • Mindfulness and meditative practices and techniques
Women's Connection and Support Group

What You Will Gain from this Group

  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Validation
  • The opportunity to be seen and heard, and to get to know other women
  • No pressure to share beyond your comfort level
  • Mindfulness and meditative practices that can help you connect more with yourself outside of group

A Great Fit for Women Who: 

  • Are looking to gain different perspectives through connecting with other women
  • Are feeling isolated from community and looking to connect with others
  • Have recently moved to Nashville and desire social connection

Note: Groups are a great way to get support and learn from others. It is not a replacement for therapy. If you need the support of a therapist, please reach out so we can get you connected! 

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