Tonia Nadeau, tLPC-MHSP (she/her)

Tonia Nadeau - nashville trauma therapist

Tonia is a Pre-Licensed Therapist with an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Middle Tennessee State University. 

Serving as a dedicated educator for 20+ years in the Rutherford County School District, she has worked with elementary, high school, and college students. Her passion for teaching has progressed into mental health psychoeducation. Currently, she serves as a Professional School Counselor for high school students, as she concurrently begins her career in mental health counseling.

Where did you learn how to navigate life? We aren’t formally taught. We move from childhood to adulthood with little or no instruction! We were never taught skills to help us identify or cope with stress, anxiety, trauma, and generational trauma. We never received coaching in how to maintain healthy relationships with ourselves or others. 

In her experience in education and working with students and their families, Tonia realized how many of us lack the skillset to navigate life in healthy ways. Like most of us, you grew up learning by observing and modeling. Your family, friends, peers, TV, and social media all influence how we learned to navigate life!

Therapy can give us a skillset to help us move through life while remaining grounded in ourselves and our bodies! 


Working with Children, Adolescents and Adults needing support with:

  • Trauma
  • Mind-body connection
  • Those struggling in relationship (romantic, friendships, family, work, etc)
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Life transitions
  • Grief and loss


Tonia believes that therapy has a powerful effect on helping individuals navigate their lives. Her trauma-informed focus concentrates on an eclectic therapy that provides individualized treatment.  She completed her clinical training at Integrative Life Center with a focus on Brainspotting, Polyvagal Therapy, and Kali Connection Therapy. 

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  • Education Specialist: Professional Counseling Middle Tennessee State University (2023)
  • Education Specialist: Administration And Supervision Middle Tennessee State University (1992)
  • Master of Education: Curriculum And Instruction Middle Tennessee State University (1991)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Middle Tennessee State University (1986)Brainspotting Phase One


  • Brainspotting Phase Two
  • Brainspotting and Parts Work Advance Clinical Seminar
  • Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • Play Symposium 2022: Behind the Little Red Door: Promoting Children’s Social and Emotional Well-being
  • Polyvagal Theory: An Attachment and Interpersonal Neurobiology Approach to Understanding Clients
  • From shut down to synergized: New Somatic Techniques
  • 2022 School Counselor Collaborative Summer Academy
  • Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale
  • Foundational Safe Zone
  • Family Violence Professional Panel Series
  • Psychological First Aid


Tonia has lived the majority of her life in a classroom! Starting in her mother’s classroom as a young child, she made her way through her own educational experiences. After college, she found herself back in the classroom teaching in elementary schools and at the collegiate level; and now, providing school based therapy in high school!

Outside the walls of classrooms, Tonia has read thousands of books and attended a multitude of trainings on life, being human, and anything else that piqued her interests!


Sessions are base on the standard 50-minute therapy hour.

  • 50 min (1-hr) Individual Therapy Session: $145
  • 90 min (1.5-hr) Individual Therapy Session: $215


If you would like to get connected with Tonia, email us at

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