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At Trauma Therapy of Nashville, we offer a holistic approach to mental health and trauma healing. Our mind and body are deeply connected and we approach mental health wellness with the whole person in mind. Our skilled therapists are collaborative and often create a care team to offer trauma-informed, holistic care to clients.

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Areas of Focus

Mindfulness and Yoga

Holistic Trauma Therapy & Intensives

Trauma is any experience that leaves an emotional, physical or spiritual impact. Most of us have experienced trauma and it’s impact at some point in our lives. Our therapists are trained to specifically work with trauma to help you get the healing you need and deserve.


Chronic Pain & Illness

Living with chronic pain & illness can be debilitating and mentally draining. Unresolved trauma is stored in the body and can often be expressed through chronic pain & illness.
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Relational Therapy

Relationships are hard. It can be difficult to navigate relationships with ourselves, family members, friends, co-workers and partners. Our therapists help explore these dynamics and gain skills that can improve the way we experience relationships.
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Psychedelic Assisted Therapy & Integration

Psychedelics have been used in holistic medicine and for spiritual practices by various cultures for thousands of years. We offer Ketamine Assisted Therapy and help clients prepare and integrate personal experiences.

Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.
– Mary Oliver

Service Offerings

Mindfulness and Yoga

Brainspotting & EMDR

The goal of these modalities is to take you deep into your nervous system (where trauma is stored) and help it release so you aren’t spending all of your energy just managing symptoms.


Supervision & Consultation

Get the support you need with Individual & Group Supervision for Licensure, Therapist Case Consultations and Business Coaching!
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Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT)

We can use this medicine in a few different ways to process all types of trauma and lessen symptoms that keeping us from living the lives we want and deserve. 
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We offer groups and workshops throughout the year, including a monthly Sound Bath, Ketamine Assisted Therapy Groups and more!

– Mary Oliver

Meet Our Team

Click on each therapist’s name to learn more about their specialties and approach to the therapy process. You may also learn more about the difference in pre-licensed vs licensed therapist here.

Melanie Reese

Owner, Therapist, Supervisor, Consultant

Area of Focus: Brainspotting & EMDR, Complex Trauma & PTSD, Chronic Pain & Illness, Ketamine Assisted Therapy, Psychedelic Preparation & Integration, Trauma Therapy Intensives, Clinical Consultation & Licensure Supervision


Area of Focus: Brainspotting, Trauma,  Attachment and Relational Wounding with Individuals, Addiction, Anxiety, Grief & Loss and Psychedelic Preparation & Integration



Area of Focus: Anxiety & Depression, Athlete Mental Health, Chronic Pain & Illness, High Achieving Individuals, Identity Struggles, Trauma


Area of Focus: Art Therapy, LGBTQ+ and Sexuality Related Issues, Multicultural & Racial Issues, Sexual Assault, Struggles with Identity, & Trauma


Area of Focus: Brainspotting, Chronic Conditions in the body, Complex Trauma & PTSD, neurodivergence, addictions, relationships, blended families & adoptees


Area of Focus: (Teens & Adults) Brainspotting, somatic therapy, trauma, attachment and relational wounding, co-dependency, yoga and individuals within the LGBTQIA+ community

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Connect with our Client Care Coordinator for a brief intake. This allows us to get to know you and your needs for therapy. You will then be connected with a therapist that is best suited to your needs. During this call, we will schedule a “Meet and Greet” with your therapist.

Meet Your Therapist

A “good fit” is essential in the outcome of your therapy process and includes things such as personality, skill level, areas of focus, therapy modalities offered, scheduling & financial needs, to name a few.

During your Meet & Greet phone call, you and your therapist will have an opportunity to ask and answer questions that will ensure it is the best fit for meeting your therapeutic goals. Your 1st therapy session will be scheduled during this call.

Start Healing

Our scheduling and intake process is completely online. This makes submitting intake forms, scheduling and communicating with your therapist easy & convenient! Clients receive appt reminders, have access to a personal online journal, request new sessions or reschedule current ones!

all are Welcome!

We welcome those of diverse ethnicities, genders and abilities. We welcome all ranges of social, financial, religious and political standings. We respect and value each other’s differences and strive to practice tolerance and inclusivity.

Our goal is to serve Clients, practitioners and the mental health community through teaching, supporting and promoting growth and healing.

We engage in this space with full respect for all of you, each other and ourselves.


The videos below will give you some insight into the benefits of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) for treating trauma and chronic pain, and also the difficulty we experience in withdrawing from relationships.


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