Relational & Couples Therapy

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It can be difficult to navigate healthy relationships with ourselves, family members, friends, co-workers and partners. Research shows us that strong and fulfilling relationships with others can help maintain emotional well-being. Our therapists help explore these dynamics and gain skills that can improve they way we experience relationships.

Relational Therapy

Relational therapy helps clients to better understand how they operate in relation to others and how their relating patters (attachment styles) can have an impact on their mental and emotional well-being. It’s also important to take into consideration the effects of power or equality as well as the impact of social issues such as class, race, gender, and culture.

Couples Therapy

Many couples seek therapy or marriage counseling at all different stages in the relationship. Couples find therapy a safe place to process and navigate their issues. Some are looking to enhance and strengthen their relationship and some may be looking for guidance on a decision about ending the relationship and how to do it in a healthy way.

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Some common issues addressed in Relational & Couples Therapy:

  • Communication Issues (Communication struggles its the #1 complaint in relationships. Learning each others communication style can strengthen your relationship.)
  • Premarital Counseling (This is different than couples counseling. It’s about learning what your differences are and expectations for the marriage. It’s about starting the conversation and preventing issues from becoming problems in the marriage.)
  • Sexual Issues (Working through intimacy, roles, personal values, feelings about body image, sexual desires, loneliness, etc together in your relationship)
  • Infidelity and Unfaithfulness (This can be the most damaging thing a couple faces, but it is possible to heal from.)
  • Nontraditional Relationships (Open relationships, polyamory and swinging can work for couples when they are consenting, respectful and safe. Struggles can be unique to their lifestyle or similar to those that all couples face.)
  • Assistance Managing other Relationships (Boundaries w friends, co-workers, extended families, children, etc)
  • Blended Families (When one or both partners have children from a previous relationship, parenting styles and relationship struggles may need to be explored.)
  • The End of a Relationship (Being able to express feelings, sorting through practical decision-making, and ending in a way that works for everyone.)
  • Digital-Age Relationships (Technology can infiltrate and affect relationships. Working through issues and creating boundaries with each other to help restore trust when social media has hurt the relationship)
  • Trust Issues (Weather from a partner’s past or an event in the current relationship, it’s important to create space to work on building trust together.)
  • Health Issues When a partner or family member

At Trauma Therapy of Nashville, we address relationship issues with a holistic perspective. We will help you examine your relationship style, communication style and the dynamics between you and those you are in relationship with.

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