Exploring the World of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy: Preparation and Integration Workshop for Mental Health Providers

psychedelic preparation and integration Workshop

I have had so many conversations with therapists that are interested in supporting clients working with psychedelic medicine, but they do not know where to start and are more interested in the preparation and integration work then the “dosing sessions”. The good news is you already have the skills needed to help clients prepare and integrate this work and I’m so excited to support therapists in this area! 

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is not meant to replace learning the depths of psychedelic assisted therapy. It is to help you learn how to use your skills as a therapist in the context of preparation and integration for the purposes of harm reduction. 

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy is a rapidly emerging field that offers promising results in mental health treatment. This workshop aims to provide mental health therapists with an understanding of psychedelic assisted therapy, focusing specifically on the crucial aspects of preparation and integration. Attendees will gain insights into the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances, learn practical techniques for client preparation and integration, and explore ethical considerations and legal frameworks surrounding this innovative therapeutic approach.

Why do I need to learn these skills?

As more people are turning to psychedelic medicine for healing, the need for integrating these profound experiences into everyday life is great. This is where your role as a therapist becomes an invaluable ally to your clients.

As a therapist, you are uniquely equipped to help individuals integrate these insights, foster personal growth, and facilitate lasting positive change. Your established relationship with your clients provides a vital framework for safety and exploration, ensuring a cohesive and authentic integration.

While friends and loved ones may offer support, the expertise and guidance of a therapist are unparalleled in the process of integrating psychedelic experiences. Your training, knowledge, and experience enable you to provide a holistic approach that addresses the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of integration.

In the hands of a skilled therapist, the psychedelic experience can be harnessed as a catalyst for personal growth, self-discovery, and healing. With your guidance, individuals can navigate the integration process with greater clarity, understanding, and resilience, ultimately creating a meaningful and transformative journey towards wholeness.

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Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand the history and current landscape of psychedelic assisted therapy
  • Explore the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances and their effects on mental health
  • Gain practical knowledge on client preparation techniques for psychedelic assisted therapy
  • Learn effective strategies for integrating psychedelic experiences into ongoing therapy
  • Understand ethical considerations and legal frameworks related to psychedelic assisted therapy
  • Understand the importance of collaborative work with mental health providers and medical prescribers

Workshop Format:

This will be a 1-day workshop, combining didactic presentations, interactive discussions and non-medicine experiential exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions to enhance their learning experience.

By attending this workshop, mental health therapists will gain a foundation in the theory, practice, and ethical considerations of psychedelic assisted therapy. They will leave with practical tools and skills to effectively prepare clients for psychedelic experiences and integrate those experiences into their ongoing therapeutic work. This workshop promises to foster a supportive learning environment, empowering therapists to explore new horizons in mental health treatment and contribute to the growing field of psychedelic assisted therapy.

The Details

When: August 25, 2023, 9am-4pm (Lunch break 12-1pm)
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: $250 (Purchase Your Ticket Here! )
Questions? Email us at Admin@traumatherapynashville.com

I am extending a “Pay What You Can” for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ practitioners where finances are a barrier. Please reach out to us directly to register.

Can’t make it to the live Workshop? No problem! The workshop will be recorded and available for purchase.

led by

The workshop will be led by Melanie Reese. She is a Licensed Martial and Family Therapist and a Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist. She works with clients doing intensive trauma therapy utilizing Ketamine Assisted Therapy, Brainspotting, IFS, meditation, somatic therapy and body movement.

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