Going for the Roots: 12-Week Trauma Processing Group

Based on the book Becoming the One, by Sheleana Aiyana. Heal your past, transform your relationship patterns and come home to yourself.

As a trauma therapist, this book is a wonderful extension of the work I do with clients in trauma therapy intensives. It’s a great way to gain awareness of how your past experiences are showing up and causing issues in your current relationships. It guides you back to that internal wisdom and safety of “knowing” who you are…and sets you on a path of living a life in conscious awareness and love for who you are!

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  • Where: Trauma Therapy of Nashville
  • When: Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm
  • Dates: September 7th – December 7th (We will not meet Oct 12 & Nov 23)
  • Cost: $100 per weekly group session (Includes 2-hr processing group, your own copy of Becoming the One, class materials and a resource guide for continuing the work)
  • Commitment to attend all groups is important for your own process and for group cohesiveness. We ask for a deposit of $100 to secure your spot in the group. You will be responsible for all sessions even if you miss a session.
  • Individuals will be prescreened to ensure safety and good fit for the group. This will be a closed group after the 1st meeting.
  • Register: Complete this Google Form
  • Led by Melanie Reese, LMFT, CCTP 


  • We will meet for 2 hours each week
  • Group size is limited to 10 and will need 5 to get started.
  • We will explore these themes through different modalities such as: Body movement, meditation, journaling, art, group discussion, and more!
  • Please be prepared to attend all groups, as each one builds on the last.


  • A deepened relationship with your authentic self and what it means to live embodied
  • A greater understanding of your abandonment wounds
  • Awareness of relationship patterns and how to transform them
  • Identify red flags & green flags in Relationships
  • Trust for the body, ability to set boundaries, clarify your expectations and define your core values
  • Clarity for the conscious relationship and authentic love you want for yourself and with others


  • Ready to dig deep into understanding your past with curiosity and openness
  • Desire to heal within community
  • Want to jump start or deepen the trauma healing process
  • Want to increase self-trust, self-compassion, access inner wisdom and transform relationship patterns


1305 16th Ave S Nashville, TN 37212. Conveniently located on Music Row!


Email us at admin@traumatherapynashville.com 


I’ve been wanting to offer a trauma processing group for awhile and am so excited to be offering this space to those who need it. I’ve always told my clients, “If someone or something says they know you better than you know you, run the other way! Surround yourself with people and mindsets that consistently direct you back to yourself and expand your thinking.” Those are gifts to be cherished!

I deeply believe that we all have inherent wisdom and capacity for healing within us. Trauma disconnects us from that “knowing” of self. My goal as a human in this world and as a therapist working with deeply wounded individuals is to connect others back to that internal wisdom.

I look forward to connecting and healing with you soon!

In loving kindness, Melanie

Note: Groups are a great way to get support and learn from others. It is not a replacement for therapy. If you need the support of a therapist, please reach out so we can get you connected! 

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