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Hi! I’m so glad you’ve found your way here and I hope to connect with you soon! Melanie Reese, LMFT, CCTP

Statement of Inclusivity

The space I create is welcoming and accepting of those of diverse ethnicities, genders and abilities. I welcome all ranges of social, financial, religious and political standings. We respect and value each other’s differences and strive to practice tolerance and inclusivity.

The intention of this space is to serve healing practitioners and the Nashville community through teaching, supporting and promoting growth and healing. We engage in this space with full respect for all of you, each other and ourselves.


Individual Supervision

PLEASE NOTE: I do not have any current openings for Individual Supervision. I would love to have you join my group!

Individual Supervision can be completed individually or with a partner. I offer online or in-person sessions for individual supervision. If you know someone who is also looking for a supervision partner, feel free to have them contact me as well!
Individual Supervision: We meet the 2nd & 3rd Wednesday of the month, scheduled in two (2) clinical hour blocks (1.5 hours on the clock).
Individual Supervision for Licensure: $85 per clinical hour. If you are working with a partner, you may split the fee.

Group Supervision

Group supervision is a great way to connect with other therapists and get feedback from other clinicians with new perspectives. The group is trauma-informed and would be a great fit for those interested in holistic, brain-body approaches to doing therapy with clients. Email to be added to our RSVP email that goes out the week before we meet. We limit the group to 6 participants in order to meet the needs of the group members.
Group Supervision and Consultation: We meet the 1st Wednesday of the month 9:30am-12:30pm. This is four (4) clinical hours (3 hours on the clock). Hours can be rounded when calculating supervision (45 min can be rounded to 1 clinical hour).
Group Supervision for Licensure: $25 per clinical hour.

Supervision often includes:

  • Staffing cases
  • Person of the Therapist Issues
  • Education (on models, theories, interventions, etc.)
  • Demos of modalities
  • How to start a practice and other business related issues
  • Studying for the MFT exam
  • Mindfulness & Meditation and somatic work
  • And whatever else you need to bring to the supervision session for that day!

Client Case Consultations

Most of our clients have experienced trauma at some point in their lives, but that may not be the reason they originally came to therapy. As we move into deeper work, their trauma may surface and we don’t feel equipped to support the client. Often times this is when the client is referred to another practitioner. If we are striving for a client-centered, trauma-informed approach, I believe supporting the therapist so that they can continue to work with their client may be a better option. Loosing a therapist in this way can be traumatizing and starting over with a new therapist can create stagnation in the healing process.

I offer support to practitioners in the helping fields; This could be therapists, coaches, doctors, nurse practitioners, energy workers, body workers, spiritual guides/leaders, etc needing support navigating client’s trauma. Think of me as another tool in your toolbox to help you and your client reach your therapeutic goals!

Case Consultation for Practitioners in the Helping Field: $200 per hour and can be scheduled in 30 min increments. (Packages Available)

Facilitation & Coaching

Some of the work I do is considered facilitation and/or coaching. Sometimes I travel outside of TN to do this work and sometimes I meet online with individuals that do not live in the state of TN. Even through I hold myself to the same ethics and standards that my license & trainings require of me, this work is NOT offered as a Licensed Trauma Therapist.

My EXPERIENCE and Area of Focus

I am an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Approved Supervisor and I offer individual supervision for those working towards licensure.  I am able to offer supervision to licensure candidates for Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors.

I am also a Certified Trauma Therapist and have developed a holistic approach to working with clients. I work heavily with brain and body based modalities such as Brainspotting, EMDR, mindfulness, somatics, Trauma Informed body movement and Animal Assisted therapies. Im also trained to work with psychedelic medicine in a theraputic setting. My areas of focus include: complex trauma, psychedelic assisted therapy, attachment wounding and chronic conditions in the body. You can see my full profile here.

My goal is to help you grow as a practitioner. I love connecting with and guiding clinicians to learn new skills and explore their passions! Our sessions are relaxed and often joined by my therapy dog, Darcy!

Let’s Connect!

If you are interested in supervision, consultation or coaching with Melanie, please send an email to

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