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Hi! We are Melanie Reese and Leah Lennox and we are established local therapists in private practice on Music Row here in Nashville, TN.  We want to share some exciting news about a new Collective we are creating. We want to bring together a group of like minded therapists and health practitioners to serve the community, but also create a supportive working environment to help solve some of the struggles that come with being in private practice. Two of those major issues are running the day-to-day business of the office and a lack of connection with fellow peers. The collective provides this to those who join, along with a great referral network of clinicians all under one roof! 

It is our belief that in mental health, healing occurs by treating the whole body. It’s with this belief that we are creating a Therapy Collective that includes practitioners specializing in several mental health issues, nutritionists, medication management, body movement and other holistic integrative practices.

We are being very purposeful about who becomes part of this family of practitioners. We want those that join to keep their hard earned money, so we aren’t seeking to hire anyone as independent contractors. Our goal is to simply provide a place that meets your need for growth, support in your business and create deeper connections in the Nashville therapeutic community! 

 Its also important that this is an inclusive and safe place for the entire Nashville community. This new Collective will be located on Music Row and will be in a beautiful 3 story house that includes access to group space to those that join. If you are a practitioner that  specializes in any of the following areas, we would love to hear from you:

Marital Issues/Couples 

Eating Disorders


Infertility/Pregnancy/Family Planning

Nutrition/Health Practitioner 

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner/Psychiatrist (Adults and/or Children)

Yoga/Somatic Movement Therapist 

Acupuncturist/Massage Therapist/Structural Integration



Sex Therapy


Men’s Issues

Mood Disorders

Common Issues Therapist Face in Private Practice

  • Do you often feel isolated at work?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with the idea of networking to build your practice?
  • Do you find understanding website and SEO development, time consuming and costly?
  • Do you have limited opportunities for peer consultation?
  • Do you have difficulty responding to potential clients in a timely manner?
  • Do find it costly and time consuming to invest in creating a warm atmosphere for your clients?

Most clinicians have difficulty managing the business aspects it takes to provide services to clients. We provide services that help you with those tasks so you can focus on the clients you serve while building a thriving practice.

Meeting your Connection Needs

• We will have peer consultation times available for those that benefit from that resource.

• This Collective provides a sense of belonging by surrounding you with like-minded individuals.

• We reduce the emotional toll this profession can have on you by providing you with a supportive environment.

• By the Collective taking care of difficult business tasks like ordering supplies, maintaining the office building, bills, calls, marketing, etc, you gain the peace of mind knowing you are taken care of.

• We provide opportunities for connection and relationship through gatherings in and outside the office, holiday events, celebrating special life events with each other and just creating community!

• We have an open-door policy that allows you to ask for help when you need it. This can be professionally or personally. We are about creating a safe space, pouring in to one another and seeing each of you grow!

Women's Connection and Support Group

Meeting Your Business Needs

• We provide a welcoming and comforting ambience for the clients you serve.

• You will have an internal referral network with a wide-variety of specialties.

• You will be listed on a high- quality website listing with built in Search Engine Optimization.

• The SEO and website is updated monthly, keeping you competitive with the market.

• We provide a Call Routing system to streamline potential clients, making it easy to schedule new clients.

• Safety features including security system and keypad entry.

• Plenty of parking directly behind building.

• Refreshments are provided to meet the needs of you and your clients such as coffee, tea and water.

• We provide space for you at no additional cost to host group classes or trainings to the public.

Collective Pricing

We are proud to be able to offer reasonable rates that provide inclusiveness, while allowing you to maintain autonomy in your business! No fee splitting!

Rates are $62.50/day or $250/day of the week. Offering 1-6 days. Furnished or Unfurnished options available. Leasing starts Nov 1st.

If this feels like it might be a good fit for you, we would love to meet you and share more about our vision! Please fill out the contact information below and we will reach out to you. You may also email us at or We hope to meet with you soon! 

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